Appy Discovery — A Way to Discover New Apps (Review)

appyOver time, you will notice that the Play Store seems to throw the same Apps at you over and over again. Even after searching, you may not find what you were looking for in the Play Store. The repeating App suggestions can become frustrating. However, Appy Discovery might be the answer you were looking for. Developed by Paul Brice, Appy Discovery allows you to quickly discover a new App, especially betting and gambling ones, in an effortless and safe manner. 

Content and Features


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Appy Discovery provides a safe way for you to discover potentially good Apps. The internet is filled with unsafe applications but Appy Discovery filters them out and only shows you those which are trusted. There are four categories to find new Apps from: Casino, Dating, Forex and Sport Betting. Casino category allows you to find best casino Apps, Dating allows you to discover chat, flirt and dating Apps, Forex and Sport Betting are self-explanatory. These categories usually contain malicious Apps, but as you are using Appy Discovery you have nothing to fear. Upon selecting a category, you are presented with the best Apps and games arranged in tiles. Selecting any one of these takes you to the App’s website where you can learn more about the App and even download it.

Design and Appearance


appy discovery

Appy Discovery has a simple design and interface. The categories are straight-forward and accessing an App is easy. We liked how the App provides a safe way to find Apps as gambling and betting Apps on the internet are unsafe if used without a proper trusted source. However, there are a few problems. Firstly, the App and Appy Discovery’s website have no difference. The App needs an overhaul to make it more user friendly. Moreover, the interface is not suited to daily use. Also, it would be good to have an option to either visit the App’s website or a link to download it.

Appy Discovery’s Positives:

* A safer approach towards Apps
* Categories are straightforward

Appy Discovery’s Negativess:

* No Actual App interface

The Verdict!


appy discovery

Overall, Appy Discovery is a useful tool to discover Apps that suit your taste in a safe manner. If the few issues are ironed out, Appy Discovery can become a brilliant way to discover new Apps. Available free on the Play Store, we encourage you to try it out.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 3.5/5

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