Apple Revamps Its In-Store Back-lit Wall Graphics

wall graphics

A recent report by IFO Apple Store shares information about Apple revamping its back-lit wall graphics. Previously the graphics had white background with close-up shots of Apple products. The new visuals are colourful and rather than showing the products alone show the capability of the products. The display shows people using Apple products for services like Map, Music, camera and more. With the new visuals, which are inspired from their recent TV advertisements and iPad promotion campaign “Your Verse”, the mood of the store is also changed.

The new graphics were photographed like magazine ads, showing the iPad/iPhone being used in actual situations, complete with their surrounding people and places. Their colors, tone and brightness is much richer and darker than the previous graphics, a noticeable difference that’s been the subject of Tweets and other on-line postings by store employees and visitors. The photos are partially based on the latest series of videos that promote the iPad and its real-world capabilities, including videos that profile music composer Esa-Pekka Salonen and world traveler Chérie King.

Image Credit: ifo Apple Store

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