Apple Reaches Out To Business Owners To Correct Maps’ Errors


To keep up with the competition posed by Google Maps, Apple has taken steps to update and correct information about businesses. In order to do this, they have reached out to at least one business owner after users reported inaccurate address and location information.

Business owner swb1192 took it to Reddit to inform us about this, explaining how the address to his business was incorrect in Apple’s Maps database. He said he received a call from a Cupertino number informing him about this, and went on to explain that:

They still had my old address that was listed on Yelp so I gave them the new one. I asked when I should expect it to be updated on Apple Maps and the lady said, “We don’t have an exact timeline for updates but it should be within the next week.”

It appears that Apple pulled from Yelp awhile ago but it doesn’t actually sync the addresses and other information.

Still couldn’t believe that they called me to fix up the listing – how awesome.

Apple Maps users have been key in identifying and ironing out little discrepancies in their mapping information and details, and more and more business owners and other POIs will probably be contacted in the days and weeks to come.

(Via AppAdvice)

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