Apple Offering Retail Employees A Chance To Test OS X Photos App

OS X Photos

There’s good news for Apple retail employees who are enthusiastic about photography. Apple is looking for employees from its own retail stores who have a passion for photography to test the upcoming OS X Photos application and iCloud Photos feature. Apple recently reached out to its retail employees offering a “career experience”.

We are seeking a technical and passionate photography enthusiast to join our Quality Assurance team working on Photos for OS X. You will be part of a fast moving team of specialists tasked with delivering the next generation of photography tools for Apple.

Apple generally considers retail employees who have worked at Apple for at least one year for career experience programs. These opportunities allow employees to seek out various positions, ranging from marketing to engineering. These particular testing positions might require relocation to Apple’s California headquarters. Apple often utilises its retail employees for these efforts as it helps to further intertwine the culture of both major parts of Apple: customer facing and corporate.

Apple plans to launch OS X Photos App on OS X Yosemite early next year as it plans to shut iPhoto and Aperture.

(Via 9To5 Mac)

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