What To Expect At WWDC 2014


Today is the day we all have been waiting for. Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2014 (WWDC in short) will change the course of history (kind of). At WWDC 2014 Apple will unveil the next generation of software for all of its devices including iOS 8 and OS X 10.10. In this article we have rounded up what you can expect at WWDC 2014.

iOS 8

We do not expect iOS 8 to be a huge improvement over what iOS 7 brought to us. However, Apple has a thing or two up its sleeve. Apple will debut major features in iOS 8 to make it stand out.


As the name suggests, Healthbook will be a health-orientated App that would be capable of recording data such as heart rate, steps walked, nutrition, blood sugar level etc. We suspect the App to work in conjunction with other devices, such as iWatch to record data using sensors. Details

Split Screen for iPad

As you have seen on some Android devices, there is a feature that allows you to use two apps at the same time, such as using the browser and watching a movie simultaneously. Though it has been reported the feature is not ready for WWDC, there is a slight possibility it may debut with iOS 8.

Update for Apple Maps

Since its debut back in 2012, Apple has been aggressively improving Maps. Reports suggest that Maps would be receiving directions for public transit and improved points of interest.

Siri Improvements

Apple may upgrade Siri to get tie-ins with third party Apps and abilities, such as Microsoft Cortana has shown where it can remind the user without being asked (e.g. about the weather everyday).


Apple may give iTunes a fresh overhaul as it has been longing for a fresh UI. Google Play has showed the benefits of improving the UI and updating iTunes would help Apple a lot.

Smart Home Platform

According to reports, Apple may certify a series of applications to work with Apple products that will allow you to control your living room from just a single device.

Siri on Mac

Google has been busy with squeezing its voice search in every possible place it can fit (even in Google Maps for iOS O.o). Maybe Apple will include Siri with OS X 10.10.


Apple rarely unveils any hardware at WWDC, so there is a very very small chance you will witness the iWatch or new Apple TV. 2014 has seen very few rumors and reports about Apple hardware for WWDC, so don’t raise your hopes. Apple is expected to reveal a low cost iMac making the product accessible to more customers at a reasonable price.

We expect these to be revealed by Apple at WWDC, and now that you know about these let us know in the comments which rumors you think will come true.

Image courtesy: CNET




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