Wrong Way Racing For iOS — Can You Survive In The Wrong Lane?

wrong way racingWrong Way Racing, developed by Jared Bailey, is one of the easiest games out there on the App Store that will drive you crazy. Featuring a simple one tap and rapid gameplay, Wrong Way Racing is truly an addictive game.

Wrong Way Racing’s Gameplay

wrong way racing

Wrong Way Racing has a straight-forward gameplay. All you have to do is tap. Just tap. You will quickly notice the simplicity of the App as there is not much on Wrong Way Racing’s menu – Play, Leaderboard, a Twitter and Facebook button, a button which shows you other games by the developer and your high score. Basically, there are 4 cars on a track colored red, white, blue and black. Your goal is to race the red, white and blue cars in the opposite direction, while protecting your black car from crashing into them. The track has two lanes and tapping on the screen while playing causes your car to change lanes. However, the red, white and blue cars randomly change lanes during the turns so you need to remain attentive. It is pretty easy to spot the cars changing lanes during the beginning, but as you progress the game speeds up and then it’s just luck. Your score increases with each completed lap which is clearly displayed in the middle of the track. Lastly, the game ends when you crash into the cars charging at you.

Design and Appearance

wrong way racing

Wrong Way Racing has a good design and appearance. The animations are smooth and fun to watch. Even the sounds are suited to the gameplay. However, Wrong Way Racing has some problems. The game begins automatically when you launch it and trying to understand how the game begins is difficult. Moreover, the leaderboards button doesn’t work. It would have been nice to include a currency in the game with which you can purchase cars and different layouts to add a twist into Wrong Way Racing.

Wrong Way Racing’s Positives:

*Addictive Gameplay
*Simple and fun

Wrong Way Racing’s Negatives:

*Just one layout to play

The Verdict!

wrong way racing

Overall, Wrong Way Racing is a fun and a pleasant game that you should try out. If the gameplay is made more rich and interesting, Wrong Way Racing could become a great game to play. Wrong Way Racing is available on the App Store free for both iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5         


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