WritePad For iOS — Complete Control Over Your Documents (Review)

WritePadWritePad, developed by PhatWare Co., allows you to efficiently view and edit your documents in a convenient and simple way. WritePad provides you the ability to use your handwriting to input text flawlessly and view and edit your documents anywhere and anytime with quick cloud-syncing capabilities.

Content and Features


At first, WritePad will ask you for your preferred input method: Handwriting or Keyboard. Followed by your choice of language. One neat feature of the App is that it can import new words by going through your calendar and contacts. In the text editor you will find all the basic functions provided by any other text editor. You can select the font, text size and format, indentation etc. Moreover, WritePad allows you to easily change between input methods, such as ‘Write Panel’, ‘Write Anywhere’ and ‘Keyboard’. To access these simply tap the tools icon.


In Write Panel, a panel pops up from the bottom that allows you to use your finger to input text. In Write Anywhere, you can input text in your handwriting anywhere on the document and, for ease, WritePad provides lines between which you can write. The Keyboard mode is self-explanatory. WritePad also has a feature that conveniently allows you to select your input method such as numbers, email address or letters while using your handwriting. Furthermore, for options such as Find/Replace, Spell Check, and Translate, just tap the tools icon and you will find everything you need in there. You can also share your documents via email, iMessage, Twitter and Facebook or export it as a PDF file. With WritePad you can insert multimedia such as image, sketch, map etc. into the document. The App features a simple File Manager that allows you to sync your documents to cloud storage including Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, Google Drive and Evernote. Also you are provided with the option to individually sync documents. In WritePad’s options menu, you can configure Handwriting Recognition, text editing, and find tutorials to improve your handwriting and learn shorthand.

Design and Appearance 



WritePad has an elegant and minimalist design and appearance. The text editor has a very simple UI. You will find every option without the need to fiddle around. Moreover, WritePad can correctly understand your handwriting no matter how bad it is (most of the time).  Also, formatting text is hassle-free. However, we found it difficult to see the format bar in the current color scheme.

WritePad’s Positives:

* Simple design
* Handwriting input
* File Manager
* Multilingual Support
* Shorthand and import words
* Brief Tutorials

WritePad’s Negatives:

* Difficult to see formatting tools in Format Bar

The Verdict!

Overall, WritePad is an excellent text editor that gives you complete freedom over your document. We recommend using WritePad and the Pro version is worth its price. WritePad is available on the App Store for $9.99 for both iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4.5/5 


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