Wine4.Me – Expand Your Taste In Wines

Wine4.MeWine4.Me, developed by Amy Gross, allows you to efficiently and conveniently expand your taste in wine. With Wine4.Me you will discover a new range of wines that suit your taste and find places that serve your choice with just a single tap.

Content and Features


At first, the App will ask you to select your taste in wines by selecting the grape, region, winery and country. Each category has a list from which you can select your favourite wines. Then Wine4.Me creates a profile based on your selections and shows them to you to confirm. If you are satisfied, you can go ahead and tap save or tap the cross and change your selections to suit your style. Furthermore, the App asks you for your name, e-mail, username, password, DOB and Zip Code. After this, you can get started by selecting ‘Find a Wine’, ‘Wine and Food’ and ‘My Wines’. In Find a Wine, you are asked to input your mood by selecting a Red, White or Pink bottle. Then the App shows you places to get the best wine as per your mood. In Wine and Food, you are presented with places to dine which include wines chosen according to your profile created in the beginning. Lastly, in My Wines, you can find the wines you like best and those which you saved in your profile.

Design and Appearance


Wine4.Me has an excellent layout and design. You will easily and quickly find wines. The color scheme is pleasant. Wine4.Me allows you to rate and save wines and also request a wine if you are unable to find it in the massive list. However, we found the App to be a little restricting and the App does not have an iPad version, so you see an iPhone version scaled up.

Wine4.Me’s Positives

* Easy to Use
* Quick to set up
* Brief tutorial

Wine4.Me’s Negatives

* No iPad version
* Profile restricting

The Verdict!

Overall, Wine4.Me is a fun and brilliant App that all wine lovers will enjoy using. is available on the App Store free for both iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5

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