UK Ahead Of North America In iOS 7 Adoption

iOS 7

Chitika’s analytics arm, Chitika Insights, has released latest statistics report for iPhone and iPad users’ adoption of iOS versions for UK, Australia and North America. According to the report, iOS device owners in the UK lead both North America and Australia in adoption of latest iOS 7.

The last report by Chitika based on a Study for North America found that iOS 7 users generated 89.7 percent of iPhone Web traffic and 84.8 percent of iPad Web traffic. A similar study was done for UK and Australia by taking measurements from millions of iOS online ad impressions for dates corresponding with the data from America. The report showed a similar adoption of iOS 7 for iPhone in UK as in America but for Australia iOS 7 adoption was slightly less. In UK, 89.7 percent of iPhone Web traffic is generated by devices running iOS 7 and in Australia 86.3 percent. The probable reason for low adoption in Australia may be due to the issues related to Apple Maps which got addressed, yet some Australian users are wary to upgrade.

iOS 7

For iPad, the iOS 7 adoption by UK users was two points higher compared to America and again Australia was lower here too. UK has 87 percent iOS 7 users and Australia has 83.3 percent. The lower rate of adoption in Australia can again be credited to Maps issue.
North America has a high number of users still using older versions: iOS 5 and below. Chitika gives early release of original iPad in the country as the most probable reason for it.

Notably, iOS 5 or older iOS versions are better represented amongst U.S. and Canadian iPad Web traffic (7.3%) as compared to the UK or Australia, where the combined usage shares for those operating systems are 5.2% and 5.8%, respectively. While Apple has never broken out iPad sales by country, the original iPad, which is not compatible with iOS 6 or 7, was released in the U.S. a full month before it reached the UK or Australia. This likely means a greater number of those units were sold in North America, and are still in use by a comparatively larger portion of the user base considering the longer lifespan of tablets as compared to smartphones.

Image Credit: AppleInsider

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