Top 10 Free Android Apps To Make Travelling Easier

travellingWhether it is for holiday or work, travelling can be a stressful thing. Getting to the airport, flight delays, reserving hotel rooms, hiring a car, and many such things get in the way of enjoying your holiday, exploring your destination or securing that business deal that you have travelled across the globe for. But all these obstacles can be removed with a few taps on your android device. Here is a list of 10 Android Apps that make for the perfect travelling companions.

1. Skyscanner


A price-compare website for flights, Skyscanner aims to find you the cheapest flights. Whether you’re looking for a holiday destination or a last minute trip for work, Skyscanner claims to save you money on your flights. The ‘Everywhere’ feature helps those who need a holiday inspiration and provides a list of cheap flights from the nearest airport.


travelling covers 200 countries with 290,000 hotels. The App allows you to securely book rooms in any one of these hotels, ranging from budget to 5 star luxury suites. The interactive map allows for an easy search close to your location. also offers deals and promotions, with one of the rewards being: “Buy 10 nights and get 1 free.”

3. Tripit Travel Organiser


Whether you are spending a busy weekend in New York or going to Europe for a couple of weeks, Tripit proves to be an excellent travel organiser. Simply forward your airline, hotel, restaurant confirmation emails to the App and it will present you with a nicely planned itinerary. You can add directions and weather for each destination and even sync it to your Google Calendar.

4. WiFi Finder


One of the most important things in this day and age is constant access to the internet. We all know that most data providers charge quite a lot for data download when using a device abroad. This is where WiFi Finder comes handy. With its coverage of 144 countries and over 550,000 free and paid WiFi Hotspots locations you’ll never be without internet.

5. Gogobot Travel Guide


Chosen as the “Best Travel App” by Time Magazine, Gogobot is your best guide on a holiday to get the most out of your destination. Find fun things to do, best places to eat, comfortable hotels to stay in with just a few taps. Based on personalised recommendations, the App has over 70,000 reviews and 4M photos so you can have the most fun.

6. Orbitz



Hiring a car has never been easier with Orbitz. With more people enjoying road trips or choosing to make their own way in a foreign country, hiring a comfortable car at a reasonable price is a must. And Orbitz does that for you with a fantastic selection of rental car companies. The App also has the ability to book flights and hotels.

7. Landmark Finder


Landmark Finder makes sightseeing a treat by easily presenting you with a list of all the landmarks close to your current location. Or you can choose to search in a more specific location. Additionally, it will also help you find your way to the landmark and give you important details, like phone number and opening hours.

8. Trip Journal Lite



Winner of the Android Development Challenge, Trip Journal is a must-have App for anyone who likes to track and document their travels. You can record your trip with GPS route tracking and add photos and videos of your favorite places. As it is a journal, you can also write notes or comments on any of the destinations you visit. Trip Journal also allows sharing your journal to Social Media websites.

9. ATM Finder



Having some local currency in your wallet is advisable on holidays abroad. But it’s very easy to find yourself in a place where there are not as many ATM machines as there are in a large city. ATM Finder helps you to find your nearest ATM machine or a bank based on your current location.

10. Evernote Food



Did you eat at an amazing restaurant in Tokyo which you want to tell your friends about? Or perhaps you ate something unusual in Beijing and want to remember it forever? Evernote helps you keep a diary of the different food and restaurants that you come across on your travels through photos, notes and locations. The App also allows you to find great restaurants near you and make reservations.

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