Temple Run Runs Past the 1 Billion Downloads Milestone

temple run

Who could have imagined Temple Run and Temple Run 2 would get past the 1Billion downloads milestone just three years after the game was first released. Ok, I admit, maybe I’m just old, and running around and using swipes to control my character isn’t my style. I grew up with a Play Station controller. My kids though are another story. They fight over my Android tablet to see who gets to play first and then see who gets the highest score. Even my five year old is getting in on the action. Who can blame them? It’s a way of getting a rush without actually having to leave your chair, and that is the appeal that helped boost the popularity of the game.

temple run

Temple Run was created by just three people in Imangi Studios back in 2011 when it was first released. The popularity of the game may have ballooned but the number of people at Imangi just grew to eleven. To show just how unexpected the growth of the game was, we quote Imangi Studios co-founder Keith Shepherd:

Having Temple Run reach the one billion downloads mark is a milestone we couldn’t have imagined when we first started out. We’re incredibly grateful to all the Temple Run players and our wonderful team. We look forward to continuing to grow the Temple Run franchise, as well as creating additional innovative games.

The 1 Billion downloads milestone was achieved by just Temple Run and Temple Run 2 across all platforms including iOS. The tally did not include Disney tie-ups: Temple Run Brave and Temple Run OZ. Temple Run can be downloaded free from the App store and Google Play.

Image: Courtesy of Imangi Studios.

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