Swift Is Apple’s New Programming Language For iOS Developers


Developers, WWDC was huge. iOS 8, Mac OS X Yosemite and many other new things were announced. Apple also announced the launch of Swift, a brand new programming language for iOS which will act as a replacement for the Objective C that Apple has been using for the past 20 years now. With Swift, code on Swift and C can co-exist. Apple is marketing Swift to be fast, modern, safe and interactive.


Apps done in Swift would be 93% faster than Apps compiled using Objective C. Craig Federighi said – ““we’ve used Objective-C for 20 years, and we love it. But we wondered what we could do without the baggage of C.”


Developers will have to write a lot less code to get their Apps up and running. An ebook on Swift has been published by Apple which can be downloaded from here.

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