Get On Top Of Your Finances With Spending Tracker For iOS And Android

Spending TrackerQuite often it happens that we don’t realize where we spend all our money every month. Luckily, today we have handheld devices that can help us solve such problems. Spending Tracker by MH Riley Ltd. is a recent addition to the Finance category of the App Store and a great App to keep on top of your finances.

Content and Features

spending tracker
Spending Tracker is a very easy and user friendly expense tracking App. The good part is it is not too detailed, unlike other expense tracking Apps which require a tedious amount of information to be filled in. The App has a simple user interface that helps you easily input your data and track your spending through them. You can categorize your spending under various headings, such as Fuel, Shopping, Kids, etc. These can also be updated with new names. The categorization helps you not only to group your spendings but also to see your main areas of expenditure. Colour and icon coding is also available to make it pictorially comprehendible. Besides giving a detail of current spending, it also gives an access to previous spending by time travel arrows. Spending Tracker lets you sort your income and expenses not only by date or name but also by amount. Furthermore, you can choose the currency you operate in and all the data will be displayed in that currency. There is also an option to operate in budget mode that lets you put a spending limit for the month or a set time period. You can also set to repeat the recurring expenses which automatically get updated in the next set period. Options are also available for filtering, searching, exporting, and sorting.

Design and Appearance

spending tracker

Spending Tracker has a simple design with chalkboard kind of display for expenses and income. Colour coding of green and red for income and expense respectively makes it easy to differentiate between the two. The different icons make it easy to categorize and understand data. One area that needs attention is the graphs and bars which don’t look very attractive.

Spending Tracker’s Positives:

* Very easy to input data
* User friendly
* Graphical representation
* Setting budget

Spending Tracker’s Negatives:

* The chart that summarizes spending can be more attractive.
* Reminders should be given for recurring payments.

The Verdict

spending tracker

Spending Tracker is a great tool to track your income and expenses. Being user friendly and easy to operate, it is a good solution to budget and financing. The graphical method to show your spending helps you understand your expenses category-wise and track them accordingly.

It’s available free for both iOS and Android devices

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5


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