Skype Launches Skype 5.0: Remastered For iPhone

skypeEarlier this week, Microsoft, in its Skype blog, announced Skype’s new version for iOS. The new version, Skype 5.0, will have a streamlined design with improved performance. As communicated in their blog,  Microsoft has launched the new update “Skype 5.0: Remastered for iPhone” in the iOS App Store. The new update currently comes for the iPhone; iPad version is still awaited.

Besides a new look and feel and an improved performance, the new features that are available in Skype are group chat for an easier conversation and a revised notification system.

 We’re excited for you to see how the new app has been redesigned to put your conversations first, providing you with a smoother, leaner and more integrated experience. Skype for iPhone is up to five times faster and it is also more stable and more reliable. Navigating through the new UI is easier and more fluid. Whether it’s creating a group chat, sending a photo or starting a video call, the new Skype for iPhone has been rethought to be simple and intuitive.

What’s New in Version 5.0:
– Overall performance improvements – faster start up and fluid animations.
– A new modern hub centric design putting recent conversations first – just swipe to see your favourite people or contacts.
– Richer and more reliable messaging: create groups, share photos (even to offline contacts) and video messages.
– In-app notifications for quick conversation switching, and in-app controls to manage notifications.
– A new simplified, modern voice and video calling experience.

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