Save The Dog For iOS — A Cat and Dog Twist (Review)

save the dogSave The Dog, developed by LZ Software, is a pleasant twist on the usual theme of dog and cat rivalry. Save The Dog provides a fun experience despite a few problems. All you have to do is free the dog while overcoming a variety of challenges.

Content and Features

save the dog

Save The Dog contains two choices on the menu: Play and Options. Options menu contains the ability to turn the background and sound effects on/off, reset levels and restore In-app purchases. Tapping on play allows you to dive into the game and select one of the 4 rooms (categories). Each room has a unique challenge for you to get the ball to the basket and difficulty. For now, you will find the ‘Living Room’ unlocked and Coming Soon labelled on the other 3 rooms. In the Living Room, you will be presented with the levels and the bones representing your progress. Each level has a challenge, that is, collecting all the 3 bones. Collecting the bones while utilizing each object will allow you to maximize your high score. Your primary role is to get the ball into the basket, near the cat, to free the dog. Getting the ball into the basket without utilizing all the objects to collect the bones will clear the level but with a low score. Lastly, Save The Dog has objects such as bananas and books to guide the ball into the basket. Each level has the ball and bones placed in a different place with various other objects that makes the levels even more difficult. The caged dog and the free cat react to your every moment. Sounds, such as the cat’s meow and the dog’s helplessness make the App even more interesting.

Design and Appearance

save the dog

Save the Dog has a good design and appearance. We enjoyed the sound effects and animations. However, Save The Dog lags a little bit and the iPad version is not full screen. Moving the objects too is slow. The movements of the dog and cat after completing the levels feels awkward. A nice addition would be if the cat interacted with the ball at certain times. Lastly, Save The Dog fails to give a 3D representation as the background, cat and dog and objects seem to be in one plain.

Save The Dog’s Positives:

* Good animations and design
* Difficult levels
* Interesting Objects

Save The Dog’s Negatives:

* Lag
* iPad version not full screen

The Verdict!

save the dog

Overall, Save The Dog is an enjoyable game with much more to come. We’re sure the few issues that we encountered would be addressed in future updates. Save The Dog can be downloaded free for both iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 3.5/5




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