Phantom Flower — Can You Stop The Raindrops? (Review)

phantom flowerPhantom Flower, developed by Matthew Cox, provides a high speed and thrilling gameplay that will keep you under its spell for quite some time. Featuring a simple and yet a mesmerizing gameplay, Phantom Flower is a fun game that puts your reflexes to the test.

Phantom Flower’s Gameplay

phantom flower

Phantom Flower has an extremely straightforward and uncomplicated gameplay. Navigating the game is effortless. The menu has your high score displayed at the bottom and just two options: Play and High Score. You will notice quickly that there is no tutorial included in Phantom Flower but a single sentence that explains the basics of the game. All you have to do is tap the screen and prevent raindrops from reaching the bottom of the screen which is represented by the grassy black ground. But where is the catch? The catch is that you only have to prevent red raindrops from reaching the ground. It sounds rather easy, but as the game progresses the speed of the raindrops increases. Moreover, during the gameplay, spinning flowers appear that aid you in obstructing the path of the red raindrops. Also, tapping it causes every red raindrop present on the screen to be cleared, thus making your job easier. Overtime, small white and red flowers appear on the screen which help to divert the red raindrops away (if the flower is white) or transform white raindrops into red ones (if the flower is red). You can move these small flowers around by tapping them but their movement is completely random. If you are wondering, your score is displayed in the center of the screen which you barely notice while playing Phantom Flower.

Design and Appearance

phantom flower

Phantom Flower has an impressive design and appearance. The black and white background keep you focused on the game instead of distracting you. The red raindrops are easy to spot. However, it would have been better to have more detail about the various flowers in Phantom Pain, such as a separate labeled picture detailing the gameplay. Furthermore, the ‘1 2 3’ option on the menu does not seem to work and as the gameplay’s speed increases the game begins to lag. Lastly, the score should be moved from the center because it is a bit difficult to see it while playing Phantom Flower.

Phantom Flower’s Positives:

* Easy and addictive gameplay
* Simple design
* Simple color scheme

Phantom Flower’s Negatives:

* Lag
* Difficult to see score and sentences
* iPad version not full screen

The Verdict!

Overall, Phantom Flower is a fun, interesting and addictive game that we recommend you to play. Phantom Flower is available on the App Store Free for both iPhone and iPad from here and an Android version from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 3.5/5

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