OOMF! – An Infinite First Person Shooter (Review)

oomfOOMF, developed by Koolhaus Games Inc., provides a fun and endless gameplay in a first person shooter style game. Featuring pests and a special cannon, OOMF has a straightforward gameplay that allows you to unleash hell in a quick and easy way on these pesky intergalactic pests. These pests have stolen your delicious donuts and you, now hungry for revenge, set out to exterminate every pest that you can find.

Content and Features


OOMF has a very basic menu layout. You will find your coins and donuts in the top right, tutorial and U-Mart option in the middle and Play, Settings and Game Center option in the bottom. Basically you are an intergalactic exterminator guy and your job is to run endlessly while clearing the path of pests. To aid you in your job, you are provided with an Organically Orientated Molecular Fusion (OOMF) Cannon that has infinite ammo for your endless run. Furthermore, controls are simple; tilt your device to move left or right, swipe up to jump and most importantly, just tap to fire. You can collect bodies to earn ammo which is needed to change the color of the cross hairs. You can see the remaining ammo at the bottom of the screen. Firing at the pests, which are the same color as your cross hairs results in a Mega Kill. To fill your Uber bar, located at the left side of the screen, all you have to do is collect rainbow-colored power-ups and then press the uber button which converts your ammo into instant kill bullets.

You need to fire at the pests twice to kill them. One hit causes them to become still and the next kills them. The run ends when you crash into a pest or a wall. Then you can either wait for the bar to load or ‘rearm’. Rearm allows you to get back into the current run, but you need to spend 2 donuts. To earn donuts you need to buy them with real money. Moreover, if you wait for the bar to load then you can view how much you have scored, coins awarded, max mega-chain and distance. Lastly, as your run distance increases, you will find obstacles such as fire breathing holes and hills, and you will find coins which can be collected to increase your score.

Design and Appearance


OOMF has a decent design and appearance. The animations and graphics are smooth. You can easily kill the pests from far away and we liked how the pests seem to look down at you when you fall to the ground after bumping into an obstacle. Also, the pests sink to the ground when you kill them, clearing your way quickly so that you may not bump into them accidentally. However, there are some problems. The game lags and sometimes crashes. You can get trapped into objects and there is a long delay when you press the back button.

OOMF’s Positives:

* Good Gameplay
* Power Ups
* Smooth graphics

OOMF’s Negatives:

* Lag
* Can get trapped into objects

The Verdict!


Despite some minor issues, OOMF is a great game to play. The graphics are stunning and there is endless fun to be had. For a price of only $0.99 we would recommend OOMF to all game lovers. You can download the App for both iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 3.5/5


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