Mystery Trip —Make Your Trips Fun And Unique

Mystery TripMystery Trip, developed by SellanApp, features an appealing idea that is somewhat let down by a few difficulties in the App. Essentially, Mystery Trip allows you to make your every trip adventurous based on other people’s suggestions or your own.

Content and Features

Mystery Trip

At first, you are presented with two options: Login or Sign up. In Sign up, you have to provide your Name, E-mail, Date of Birth and Location. Signing up is quick and you will be immediately shown the home screen. Here, you can select trips generated by other users based on your selected category. By selecting a category, the generated trips are grouped such as Historic or Park. Moreover, you can navigate between ‘News’, where you can see your progress notification, ‘Balance’ displays your Reputation and Mystery Tokens, ‘Favorites’ allows you to see your favourite trips, and ‘More’ includes My Profile and Help. Reputation is a bit unclear as to what it is and how you gain reputation.

Furthermore, to generate your own trip, all you have to do is tell Mystery Trip what type of trip you want to generate, trip degree and tags. Trip degree shows how big the trip is such as instant (direct) or universal (contains objectives and the trip is long). Mystery Trip also allows you to search for generated trips. Without Mystery tokens you cannot go on a mystery trip. Mystery Tokens can be purchased for a little bit of real money or earned during the trip. Lastly, Mystery trip shows you your trip on Google Maps and contains objectives that you must accomplish to reach your destination.

Design and Appearance

Mystery Trip

Mystery Trip has a difficult to navigate layout and design and there are no tutorials to guide you through the App. Mystery Tokens are hard to come by and at times the App forces you to buy Mystery Tokens to proceed further. For instance, if you quit the App you lose a Mystery Token and then you have to buy a Mystery Token to select a user generated trip as you cannot go back to your previous trip and complete it.

Mystery Trip’s Positives

* Unique concept
* Community generated trips
* Adventurous trips full of objectives

Mystery Trip’s Negatives

* Bugs
* No tutorial
* Hard to use
* Forces to buy Tokens

The Verdict!

Overall, Mystery Trip is a unique idea which requires a bit of development to stand out. If the problems in the App are solved Mystery Trip can become an excellent App to use. Mystery Trip is available on the App Store free for both iPhone and iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 3/5

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