Bamba Enters The Android Market With Bamba Burger

bambaburgerThe Bamba game series for kids, has received much praise in the App Store with over two million downloads. Known for developing Bamba Ice Cream, Bamba Burger, Bamba Toys, Bamba Craft and Bamba Post Office, Bamba has now entered the Google Play Store by launching its App, Bamba Burger, on the Play Store for Android customers.

Bamba Burger allows you to create a custom meal by choosing from a variety of bizarre things to make a burger. The App is targeted towards kids allowing them to run their own burger shop. Now that Bamba Burger is available on the Play Store, more kids can enjoy Bamba Apps on Android devices. As of now, only Bamba Burger is available, which you can download free from here. More Bamba Apps are soon to come.

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