Launch Date For iPhone 6 — 19th September

iphone 6

It looks like we now have a rumored launch date for iPhone 6 as opposed to just the month. According to China’s Tencent Digital News, 4.7-inch iPhone 6 is expected to get launched on September 19, Friday. The speculation for the launch date can also be linked to last month’s news of German carrier Deutsche Telekom informing customers of the same release date for the device.

The report also shares information about the expected price of iPhone 6. According to the report, Apple will launch the 32GB and 64GB for 5,288 yuan ($846) and 6,288 yuan ($1008) respectively. What’s surprising is that there’s no mention of the 16GB model. Going by this information, Apple will be pricing the 32GB iPhone 6 at the current price of the 16GB iPhone 5S (5,288 yuan) and the 64GB model a bit higher than the current price of the 32GB iPhone 5S (6,088 yuan).

It is also expected that Apple will launch the 5.5-inch model along with the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 as per yesterday’s report. Besides having a larger display, iPhone 6 is expected to be much thinner and faster with A8 processor.

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