New iPad Air Video Showing Design Changes

TLDToday posted a very comprehensive video of the new iPad Air mockup on his YouTube Channel. The video shows the mockup very closely which highlights some of the design changes that will be in the new iPad Air vis-à-vis the current one. Touch ID Sensor ring is shown on the home button which is as per the past speculations.

As we reported before, there are minor design changes in the new iPad Air when compared to current model; in fact, at a glance it’s even tough to differentiate between the two. The minor difference that’s quite visible, besides the Touch ID sensor ring, is that the new iPad Air is slightly thinner compared to current version. Our previous report also talked about the recessed volume buttons which can be seen in this video too. The speaker grill in the new iPad Air has a single grill row on both sides compared to current version that has two grill rows on both sides.

The new iPad Air will have  iOS 8 software, improved camera sensors, and an advanced and more efficient A8 processor. It is expected that the new iPad Air will be launched by this September along with new iPhones, iWatch and Retina iPad mini.

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