iOS 8′s Hidden Feature Time-Lapse Photography

Recently 9to5Mac wrote about some of the top hidden features of iOS 8 discovered by their developers which were not stated during the  WWDC keynote. Now, a user on YouTube has posted a video of one such hidden feature — time-lapse photography. iTwe4kz shows in his video how the time-lapse mode works in various situations. This feature will allow you to discover the world of time-lapse photography so as to capture stunning visuals.  The video demonstration is beautiful and we anticipate the presence of this feature in iOS 8 during its public release in September this year.

Other hidden features mentioned by 9to5Mac:

  • Self-timer in Camera app
  • Customize/Rearrange iOS 8 share sheets
  • New accessibility zoom features
  • Grayscale
  • Request desktop site in Safari
  • Siri with Shazam integration
  • Independent exposure and focus control in Camera App
  • Battery usage (percentage) per App
  • Auto-delete messages
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