iOS 8 Prompt Asks Users Whether Apps Are Allowed To Use Location Data

iOS 8 Prompt

Screenshots of an iOS 8 prompt asking users whether to allow Apps to use location data are floating around the internet. This has started a lot of debate among netizens using the beta version of iOS 8. Some agree that the iOS 8 prompt is good for privacy; others argue that it seems to be intrusively annoying. Some users say that the iOS 8 will not just prompt when using Apps that use location data, but even when an App that is already allowed tries to use the GPS, camera, mic, motion sensor, etc. There are also those who think it feels a lot like a Windows Vista approach.

So what is the hubbub about? Well, it all started with iOS 6 back in 2012 when the App Path uploaded the user’s address book without asking for permission. The backlash that resulted caused Apple to tighten data collection policies. Ever since it has been enforced though, it had never been so obvious than in iOS 8. The iOS 8 prompt asks you whether you “Don’t Allow” or “Continue” allowing an App to use location data in the background. If you choose the “Don’t Allow” option the App would be denied access to location data when not in use or even when minimized to the taskbar. For Apps already optimized for iOS 8 this will result in the permission setting becoming “while using the App.” A bit of a problem could occur with older Apps not optimized for iOS 8 because the permission setting will be set to “never,” denying access to location data even when the App is in use.

The reactions of the users of the iOS 8 beta versions are varied, and it seems that there are indeed little kinks with the feature, but there is only one thing for sure. This is just a testing version of the operating system and feedback would be used to fix those bugs before the release of the final version.

Image: Courtesy of MacRumors

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