iMessage — Self Destructing Messages, Location Sharing, Group Chats


As iOS 8 was unveiled today at WWDC, Apple introduced an updated version of iMessage: iDevice to iDevice messaging service.

Most notably, iMessage now features group messaging, a long-awaited and needed feature. It will allow you to create, delete, leave group conversations, as well as change the group name, and add/remove people.

iMessage also allows you to share your location with your contacts either for a fixed period of time or forever, should you choose to.

Another, quite unexpected feature that was added is self destructing messages, particularly audio, video, and image messages. You can send audio files, or use the camera icon to capture images or record a video, and as the popular App Snapshot does, you can choose to set a timer on the message that will cause it to remove itself from your friend’s device once it has expired. Apple hasn’t divulged too much information pertaining to this, but we should know more soon enough.

These features are key to keeping iMessage up to the competition, especially with extremely popular services like WhatsApp; however, iMessage remains restricted to Apple products.

(Via TechCrunch)

Check out more on WWDC as it happens, right here.

Image: Courtesy of The Verge

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