Haypi Adventure: Kindgom of Glory — Conquer The Horizon With Your Ships (Review)

Haypi AdventureHaypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory, developed by Haypi Co., Ltd, allows you to experience the Age of Discovery in a fun and balanced gameplay. Featuring simple warfare, fierce combat, multiplayer and teamwork, Haypi Adventure is a unique strategic war game.

Content and Features

Haypi Adventure

The menu has 3 options; Start, My Account and Haypi.com. Clicking Start will cause a pop up to open which asks you to enter an invitee’s ID. This allows you to be placed in the same server as the inviter so you both can enjoy Haypi Adventure. If you have no invitee, simply tap skip. After this, you will be taken to your kingdom. Haypi Adventure will guide you through every feature in the game by a small pop up box. Your kingdom includes building that allow you to increase productivity and security. The Tech Center allows you to research various technologies that prove quite useful later in the game. The Shipyard is there for you to buy ships or perform repairs. The town hall is the center base that provides you with an overview of your kingdom. Increasing the Town Hall’s level causes your capacity of production to increase. Warehouse is where your resources are stored.

Each upgrade in Tech Center has a time duration after which it will be available to you. Almost every upgrade in Haypi Adventure has a time limit, but you are provided with gold to instantaneously complete the build. In the top left corner of the screen, you will find your progress bar and Tasks. Tasks allows you to keep track of your things to do and earn rewards upon completing them.

Haypi Adventure

In Haypi Adventure, you can attack other kingdoms. Simply go to the map and tap an island to start an attack. While attacking, you can tap the screen to bring out more of your ships. You can see the health of each building on top of it. Then you just wait for the animation to complete. A dialogue box will tell you if you have succeeded or failed. In the bottom-right corner of the screen you will find a magnifier that allows you to go to your offshore defense and other kingdoms. You can also upgrade your defense and move building from the lower left side of the screen. Haypi Adventure features a chat option that you can use to chat with anyone around the world playing Haypi adventure. Lastly, you can spend gold to increase your VIP status that provides incentives when you upgrade.

Design and Appearance

Haypi Adventure

Haypi Adventure has a balanced gameplay. The graphics are well suited to Haypi Adventure’s gameplay. You will quickly understand how the game works. The sound, such as the music and ships sailing makes it more fun to play. Haypi adventure is an online game, so you can play it with your friends or anyone in the world. We found the animations and gameplay to be smooth and did not encounter any problems.

Haypi Adventure’s Positives:

* Excellent and Balanced Gameplay
* Easy ways to earn gold
* Online multiplayer

Haypi Adventure’s Negatives:

* Tutorial is a bit lacking

The Verdict!

Haypi Adventure

Overall, Haypi Adventure: Kingdom of Glory is a fun game with online multiplayer that makes the App more exciting. We recommend trying out Haypi Adventure as it is free on the App Store for both iPhone and iPad and can be downloaded from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 4/5





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