Google Shutting Down Orkut On 30th September

orkutWith Google+ crossing its third year a few days back with over half a billion users, it only seems fitting Google would want to get rid of older social networks. Orkut, one of the earliest social network that has been around for almost 10 years now, will finally be shut down by Google this September.

When launched, Orkut rapidly gained traction in Brazil so much, that Google moved their base of operations to the country in 2008. Orkut also remained popular in many other countries, including Pakistan and India.

However, it is no secret that over the years Orkut’s fanbase diminished, and people moved on to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

And now, Google saw it fit to end the service once and for all on the 30th of September, however, were you an active user at any point, Google is giving you a little over 2 years to export and backup your data before it is lost forever.

Using Google Takeout, you can export just about anything linked to your Google account, including your Orkut files and data as HTML and image files.

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