Google Glass XE 18.1 Update Adds FIFA World Cup Support

I have followed Google Glass since around the time the device was beta tested by developers. I thought back then that the device was just a rich man’s toy because it was ridiculously expensive and it would have been more or less useless without a Wi-Fi internet connection. However, it seems that the Google team working on Glass has been hard at work. The device has evolved from a really expensive toy to an actually useful gadget with the release of Google Glass XE 18.1 update due to be released soon.

One of the best improvements in my opinion is Glass’s extended range, primarily because it has been weaned from its Wi-Fi reliance by syncing it with an Android Phone. This is made possible by using a Bluetooth connection and My Glass Android App. So maybe now you can actually benefit from the Enhanced Reality experience even out of Wi-Fi range. This is where the technology is needed most anyway. From recognizing and getting trivia about landmarks, accessing maps, to taking pictures and uploading them can now be done with phone synchronization. Another feature that would come with the Google Glass XE 18.1 update is the ability to help you remember and locate where you parked your car (well it does save time with trying to figure out where you left your car in a multi-level parking lot, for example). The new update also has a feature that would make FIFA fans very happy. Google Glass has an App that would update you and give you team ranking and other relevant information about your favorite football team during the FIFA World Cup.

Google Glass is indeed a remarkable piece of technology; unfortunately, it only has a few thousand users to date. Unlike the Tablet computer which exploded in popularity shortly after it was released. I think the reason for the slow growth is the price but that is something to be expected if you try to fit a device with the capabilities of a tablet into a space roughly the size of a USB flash drive. There is one thing for sure though: the price is not stopping people from wanting to have one and, especially with the new features, eventually buying one.

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