Fanless MacBook Air Coming Soon

macbook air

Intel has announced a new reference PC design that has a 14nm Core M Broadwell processor. With this new processor fans would not be required to keep the system cool. This can be linked with the rumours of a fanless 12-inch MacBook with very limited thickness.

Apple might use this processor to build the next generation of its MacBook Air that will be much thinner, lighter, and completely silent. According to Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst at KGI Securities, the rumored 12-inch MacBook will launch in Q3. The expected MacBook Air will be the same size as the current MacBook Air 11, have a Retina display, and will be thinner and lighter than current models.

The 14nm Broadwell processor is the most energy-efficient Core processor in its history according to Intel and Intel promises to have it in devices that are on sale later this year.

Image: Courtesy of 9To5 Mac

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