Facebook May Launch Slingshot Today (UPDATED)


According to a source, Slingshot, Facebook’s competitor to Snapchat, which it failed to acquire last year is scheduled to get launched today, 17th June. Slingshot will be a standalone App and won’t be a part of Facebook App. With Slingshot users can send photo or video with text or drawings to another user and the recipients will only get access once they acknowledge they want to view it.

Slingshot will be a free App on App Store, like other Facebook Apps. After failing with Poke last year, it is Facebook’s second attempt to counter competitor Snapchat. Snapchat is a popular messaging App with extensions for text messaging and video calling in addition to the ability to send short videos or photos that “disappear” soon after viewing. Slingshot is expected to have a a simple and speedy user interface.

UPDATE – The App is now live on the App Store.

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