Developer Reveals Hidden iOS 8 Settings

Hidden iOS 8 Settings

App developer, Hamza Sood, sent tweets on June 5th about hidden iOS 8 settings he discovered that would allow the customization of the Control Center. These settings included toggle switches for adding and removing, and even reordering the Apps and shortcuts in the Control Center. There are also codes for Screen Lock extensions and Record Screen buttons. The screenshots in the tweets could not be verified as true, but he also revealed hidden settings in iOS 7 last year. These settings included codes for fingerprint analysis, gestures, multitasking, etc. Not all of those hidden settings made it in the iOS 7 actual release though.

The hidden iOS 8 settings is not something for end users to manipulate (that’s why it’s called hidden). Those settings are found within the programming codes and visible only to App developers who work with the code to make their Apps compatible to the operating system. What these hidden settings could mean to the end user though is it could give a sort of sneak peek into what features the final version could have. The hidden settings in iOS 8 and other beta version operating systems are for testing purposes only and usually only a few make it to the final version. Which of the hidden iOS 8 settings will make the final cut is still anybody’s guess.

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