Construction Begins For Apple’s Campus 2

campus 2

Cupertino onlookers, KCBS news and traffic reporter Ron Cervi have posted a host of photos on Twitter to show the rapid development of Apple’s Campus 2 site. The images show the construction of a low wall that will be the perimeter of the main building. The main campus will be round in shape and is commonly known as spaceship campus. The site was initially the HP Campus which was demolished later for the construction of Apple’s new site. In October last year, Apple received an approval from Cupertino City Council for the project’s go ahead. The project is estimated to be completed in 2016.

Pruneridge Avenue, the road that runs through the campus, was also closed by Apple today for construction. The various images give a nice view of the ground on which the main campus will be constructed, and a large elongated pill-shaped parking structures and power facilities.

campus 2

In March, Apple had sent out letters to Cupertino neighbours notifying them of the future road work. Apple had also ensured putting up electronic street signs to inform drivers of upcoming road closures.

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