Beach Buggy Racing Coming To Android This August

beach buggy racing

Vector Unit makes some of the best and most enjoyable games for iOS and Android, and now they are releasing a sequel to their Beach Buggy Blitz (well, sort of) game, which will be coming to Android and the Kindle Fire.

Beach Buggy Blitz wasn’t really a racing game. It was more along the lines of an endless runner with a choice of vehicles and player avatars. It also included pickup ability upgrades and vehicle upgrades, which could be purchased with coins you collected as you zoomed around various zones. There were other endless vehicles present around you, but they were all AI and only added to the aesthetics of the game; no points were awarded for overtaking them, though you could destroy them with the shield for a few points.

beach buggy racing

However, with Beach Buggy Racing, as the name implies, you will actually be able to race your opponents. There will be tons of customizable and upgradeable vehicles to choose from, as well as 12 tracks with “dinosaur-infested jungles, lava-spewing volcanoes, beautiful beaches, and mysterious swamps.” Unlike the previous game, you will actually have unique abilities for each character that you choose, adding further diversity to the gameplay. It will also feature split screen multiplayer for up to 4 people, either on a tablet or a device connected to a TV.

Beach Buggy Racing will be released for Android phones, tablets, as well as the Kindle Fire in August.

Check out the official page for the game on their website.

(Via AndroidCentral)

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