Apple Urges Developers To Opt-in For Family Sharing Program

family sharing

Apple on Wednesday has reportedly sent out emails via iTunes Connect outlining Family Sharing which it unveiled during WWDC 2014. It has asked developers to opt-in for the new program. Family Sharing allows families of up to six members who use the same credit card (same account) to share the content purchased from the iTunes Store. Family Sharing also allows families to share calendars, reminders, photos and locations. In addition, it allows parents to monitor and approve downloads and purchases made by their children. The feature is expected to go live on iOS 8 by end of this year.

Through this email Apple is urging developers to follow Family Sharing by agreeing to the new iOS and Mac Paid Applications Agreement in iTunes Connect. Developers still have an option to keep past purchases out of the program.

According to the mail:

To make your apps available as part of Family Sharing, agree to the updated iOS Paid Applications and/or Mac Paid Applications agreement in Contracts, Tax and Banking on iTunes Connect. To ensure that Family Sharing is also enabled for previously purchased apps, leave the appropriate checkbox selected on the agreements page.

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