Apple Introduces HomeKit During WWDC

HomeKitThere were rumors around Smart Home Automation System to be announced at WWDC 2014. Though Apple has not launched a new platform for Smart Home Automation as expected, it has launched HomeKit. HomeKit is a new toolkit for iOS 8 developers for Home Automation related service. HomeKit will provide developers a standard to pair their iPhones with different smart home devices. It will make it simpler for users to provide secure access to those devices using their iPhones.

The HomeKit API will create a secure pairing structure, enabling developers to control each device in your home and group them together. This will be further linked to third party Apps on your mobile through mobile’s Touch ID, enabling you to perform features like open door using fingerprints. Besides touch, voice feature will also be added via Siri integration. Example, users on saying “good night” to their phones, could generate commands like switching off lights.

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