Apple To Introduce More Stores With Glass Entryway


Similar to the iconic Apple Store in Pudong, Shanghai, Apple is introducing at least one more retail store in China with a cylindrical glass entryway.

Reported by iFoAppleStore, along with Aerial shots of the area under construction, the upcoming Apple store in Chongqing will also feature a similar design. The dome works as an entrance to a spiraling staircase that leads customers into the underground Apple Store. They explain:

Early renderings of the space showed two circular features at both ends of the plaza. However, in a later rendering, one of the features is covered with a cylinder of glass topped by a white Apple logo, identical to the Pudong Apple store design. Presumably, the cylinder is the entrance to the full store underground.


Though it seemed unnecessary at the time, Apple actually patented its Shanghai Store’s design and structure back in 2011. They stated that they had “developed new techniques in order to ensure that the glass structure could withstand the elements,” while also detailing how the glass panels were properly shaped and curved in order to fit with the Apple Retail Store’s design. Now that Apple is introducing another, and perhaps even more Apple stores of a similar design, we can see why they wanted to patent it.

(Via AppAdvice)

Image Credit: ifo Apple Store

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