Apple Drops The Price Of iMac, Mac Mini And Apple TV


As we reported, Apple has recently released a cheaper, entry level iMac. In line with this move to be more affordable and compete head-on with low cost competitors, Apple has dropped the price of Apple TV and Mac in Europe and in UK.

The Apple TV has received a price drop by €10 for the previous €109 and £20 for £99 price points before. Consumers in Europe and UK can now purchase the Apple TV at €99 in Europe and £79 in the UK. This price change is only for Europe and UK and price remains the same in US i.e. $99.


Price of iMac’s standard models has also been reduced in UK. There is a drop between £100 and £200 depending on the configuration of iMac. In addition to iMacs the top-end Mac mini’s price has also been reduced by £20 in UK. In Europe iMacs have not received a drastic drop but price of Mac Mini has been dropped by €60.

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