Angela Ahrendts Sends Her First Memo

Angela Ahrendts

Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s Senior VP of Retail and Online Stores, has been in the job for approximately a month and a half now. She has recently sent her first memo to Apple’s retail employees. Through the memo Ahrendts discusses her time spent in understanding Apple’s culture, her visits to stores till now, and her future plans.

Angela Ahrendts was previously the CEO for luxury brand Burberry, credited with turning around the ailing fashion house. She is the first woman on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s executive team. Tim Cook in his company-wide email wrote: “I had never met anyone whom I felt confident could lead both until I met Angela.”

In her memo she talks about giving a new and delightful experience to customers every moment in line with Apple’s philosophy. She writes about plans to expand in new markets, developing new technologies and integrating platforms.

The memo reads:

Angela Ahrendts


Image: Credit AppAdvice

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