Access Flyover City Tour In iOS 8 And OS X Yosemite

flyover city tour

During WWDC, Apple executives, while sharing the feature set of iOS 8, quietly mentioned a new Map feature, “Flyover city tours”. It’s not a default feature on iOS 8 betas, but recently developer Pierre Blazquez, using hidden debug menus in the latest iOS 8 beta releases, discovered the feature and teamed up with Mac4Ever to publish a related video of Paris city tour.

According to a 9to5Mac reader, the hidden feature can be accessed by anyone with the iOS 8 beta as it is visible openly in the iOS 8 UI and does not require using debug menus. To access Flyover City Tour, switch to hybrid view in iOS 8 beta and find a city with a yellow label. Currently Flyover City Tour can only be accessed in the ‘Hybrid’ view. Cities with a flyover tour are marked with a yellow label (yellow colour for city name) and not the usual white label. Tap the city name and select ‘City Tour’ to start the flyover tour. Currently it only works for selected cities like New York, San Francisco, Glasgow (UK), Barcelona, San Jose, Rome and Paris. The flyover city tour is also available in OS X Yosemite and has the same yellow indication and functionality.

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