20% Of All iOS Apps Are Abandoned


According to a new Localytics study, one in every five Apps a user installs is opened just once and then abandoned or deleted. While this may seem to be bad news, especially for developers, that is not the case. It is actually an improvement from 2010 when a study concluded that 26% (more than one in four) of Apps were abandoned after a single use.

The study shows a steady decrease of 6% here, and the percentage of Applications that are used 11 or more times has risen by around 13%, amounting to 40% in total.

Comparing it with other popular mobile OS, Android, it was found that it bests iOS with 45% of Apps being launched 11 or more times, despite both being the same at 34% the previous year.


In defense of iOS, Localytics notes:

A potential reason for this discrepancy is that iOS users may be suffering from app overload. With the relatively larger number of apps installed on iOS devices, competition for an iOS user’s time increases and can weaken retention.

Overall, Sports and Gaming make up the majority of the App abandonment percentage, 23 and 22 percent respectively, while Apps for Social Networking and Weather information remain the least abandoned.

If you’re curious as to how Localytics managed to get these results, they explain:

Localytics is the leading analytics and marketing platform for mobile and web apps across more than 1.5 billion devices and 25,000 apps. Localytics processes 50 billion data points monthly. The two key metrics used in this report are the number of new users and the retention rates of those new users. We identified the users who first downloaded an app in Q3 of the different years, and then identified how many times those apps were launched on those devices through March 15th of the following year. All results are based on worldwide app usage.

(Via AppAdvice)

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