Two New ‘Your Verse’ Campaigns: Orchestrating Sound And Exploring Without Limits

Your VerseThis weekend Apple has added two new ‘Your Verse’ promos. ‘Your Verse’ is an iPad-centric marketing campaign that gives examples on how people of various calibre use iPad to enrich their work and life. The campaign features stories of people portrayed through short films, targeting one person at a time, on how they use iPad in their daily lives. The past ‘Your Verse’ campaigns highlighted usage in India’a Bollywood industryadvanced mountain hiking, sports assistance and deep ocean discoveries.

The first of the new ‘Your Verse’ campaign focuses on composer Essa-Pekka Salonen, London’s principal conductor of the Philharmonia Orchestra and Conductor Laureate of the LA Philharmonic. The second features Chérie King, a travel writer who also happens to be deaf.

Essa-Pekka Salonen created an iPad App that assists him in creating music and in conducting it. He uses his iPad to transform everyday’s inspirational moments into fully orchestrated scores and share his passion for classical music with others. The advert has a few videos and written explanations about how Essa-Pekka Salonen uses the iPad for his orchestra setting and thus inspiring others. It also provides links to music applications in iTunes and a few of Essa-Pekka’ favorite Apps.

Essa-Pekka Salonen writes:

I created the Orchestra app to share my love of classical music, to make it more approachable.

iPad becomes like an extension of my mind. It’s like having certain mental and physical functions enhanced, simplified, and streamlined

The second story called ‘Exploring without limits’ features Travel writer Chérie King. King uses her iPad for navigation, photography, communication, translation and writing. A prolific and well-followed travel blogger who also happens to be deaf, Cherie King says her iPad helps navigate tricky scenarios, share her travel journey with the world and use travel guides, language and translation tools to simplify the journey. She says, “iPad is one of my essential travel tools”.

Both the stories beautifully cite the examples of how iPad can enrich our lives by acting as a multipurpose tool in various fields.

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