Tweetbot 2 And 3 For iOS Would Cease Functioning After Critical Updates Go Live

Tweetbot 2 and 3 for iOSAccording to a May 23 post on the Tapbots blog, Tweetbot 2 and 3 for iOS would cease functioning after mandatory updates, requested by Twitter Platforms Operations group, go live. According to the post, Twitter communicated with Tapbots to do some changes on how their App communicates with the Twitter API. The changes are set to go live on May 29 at 10 A.M. PST after which Tweetbot 2 and 3 for iOS would stop working.

However, Tweetbot users need not worry because the updates, version 2.8.8 and version 3.3.2 (already available on the App Store), are already being rolled out. There also won’t be any changes affecting the functions and controls. The changes are all “under the hood” on the communication protocols that the App use to communicate with Twitter computers. The updates for Tweetbot 2 and 3 for iOS will affect Macs, iphones and ipads, and, according to Tapbots, users might need to re-add their accounts after the updates go live to continue using their accounts.

iOS users might find the effects of the mandatory update on Tweetbot 2 and 3 for iOS to be inconvenient. According to some comments on the post, people might object that they have the right to use older versions of Tweetbot 2 and 3 for iOS because they paid for the App when they got their phones; that kind of reaction is something that the two companies can’t prevent. I am sure though that Twitter didn’t mean any harm when they updated their system, they did that to improve user experience and Tapbots had no choice but to follow suit so their App would continue to be able to function and communicate with Twitter. The changes are not cosmetic in nature.

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