Top 5 Business Apps For iPhone

business AppWith exponential progress in technology more people are starting their own businesses, and those with established firms are finding new ways of running an efficient organisation. Regardless of the size or type of business, one thing is certain: people are relying increasingly on their smartphones to manage their businesses on the go. There has been a massive improvement in business Apps on the App Store with Apps catering to all kinds of organisations and individuals. But which of these Apps are good for you? TheAppleGoogle has done the research and selected Top 5 Business Apps for iPhone. No, there aren’t any note takers, card scanners or document storers. The Apps below help businesses — big or small, start-ups or established brands — to run more efficiently.

1. HanDBase Database Manager ($9.99)

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Despite the steep price tag of $9.99, HanDBase business App is worth every penny. It’s a powerful relational database manager for mobile devices, letting you step away from your desktop to manage your data on the go. With HanDBase you can create a custom database to suit the needs of your business. Store inventories, surveys, billing codes, client lists, and much more. And you can also easily search through and track this data. HanDBase even allows you to sync the databases between your desktop and iPhone, and export spreadsheets.

2. Basecamp (Free)

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Whether you’re running a start-up or managing a large project in a bank, Basecamp is a handy management tool that can help you immensely. Create a project on Basecamp, add the people working on it and you’re ready to go. You can see the latest on your project from anywhere by checking into Basecamp business App. Team members can update to-do lists, upload files and jump into a discussion on the go.

3. Mint Personal Finance (Free)

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Voted best money-management tool by CNN Money, Macworld and PC Magazine, Mint Personal Finance is a business App trusted by many organisations. The App allows you to track, budget and manage your money all in one place. Add your bank accounts, credit cards, etc. to your Mint account and it will securely and automatically gather all your transaction data and categorise it. The App also creates a customised budget so you can manage your spending.

4. Cisco WebEx Meetings (Free)

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With more people finding themselves in airports and hotels on business trips, it’s become increasingly necessary for a good tool to communicate with your colleagues. Cisco WebEx Meetings is a great business App which allows you to join conferences directly from your iPhone. The App provides high quality video conferencing with added features, such as 2-way video with camera switcher and voice-activated video switching.

5. Roambi Analytics (Free)

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Every day project managers, team leaders, managing directors get presented with a large amount of data. It’s difficult to make sense of all this information in a limited amount of time. This is where Roambi Analytics comes into play. The business App takes data from any source and transforms it into interactive charts designed for a mobile-first, multi-touch experience. You can collect data from different sources — Box, spreadsheets, databases and much more — and create stunning reports and dashboards.

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