Timely Alarm Clock For Android — A Gorgeous And Functional Clock

Timely Alarm ClockThe default Applications that ship with Android, the Clock App for instance, are great at what they do. But every now and then there comes along a third party App that simply takes its function to the next level, and Timely Alarm Clock, the gorgeous and functional Application developed by Bitspin, is one of them.

Content And Features

Once you launch Timely, you will first be given an option to sign in to your Google account (to sync Alarms between multiple devices), and then a familiar looking 3-tabbed home screen.

The first tab is or alarms, which you can set by tapping the icon in the lower left corner. Here is where it gets interesting. Timely boasts a feature called Smart Rise, where, depending on the time, it will start playing a very soft, slow tune around 30 minutes before your actual alarm, which is designed to awaken you from your deep sleep into a light sleep. You are then woken up by one of the 30 alarm sounds, ranging from simple repetitive beeps, to beautiful, yet loud sounds like ‘Atlas’ to make sure you don’t wake up upset.

You can set multiple alarms and choose to repeat them everyday, or on specific days of the week. You can also enable a ‘challenge’ in order to dismiss the alarm, such as a simple maths problem, a pattern, or even you having to shake the device. This is to ensure that you really are awake and don’t just go back to sleep after turning off the alarm.

Timely Alarm Clock

Once the alarm rings, you can tap the snooze button or swipe up from the bottom to dismiss. Also, when you lift and move your device, the alarm automatically goes silent.

Simply swiping left on the homescreen of the App will let you scroll between the tabs, the first one being Alarms, followed by Clock and Stopwatch/Timer.

The Clock screen has options for 3 Clock faces, a digital Clock, an analog one, as well as a special Timely analog Clock face.

On the last page, you have the timer, where you can increase the countdown by intervals of 15 seconds, or manually by scrolling along the bar, all with beautiful animations. Tapping the icon on the bottom left, you can flip to the stop watch, with a similar animation whole it clocks your time.

You can choose to enable a darker and power saving ‘night mode’ on the Clock screen.

Timely Alarm Clock

Finally, Timely Alarm Clock contains a homescreen widget, which displays the time in the default digital clock face (can’t change it here), and displays the date and alarm below it (can’t change that either).

Design and Appearance

Timely Alarm Clock

In terms of aesthetics and looks, it can’t get better than this. Timely features a minimalistic and Holo interface, with, depending on your settings, extensive and captivating animations, including a live background.

If minimalism is what you fancy, Timely Alarm Clock is the right App for you.

The Good

– Gorgeous Interface
– Cool Widget
– Simple, yet has a full set of features
– Great Alarm sounds
– Alarm dismiss challenges
– Smart Rise

The Not So Good

– No option to hide alarm icon from status bar
– Due to extensive animations, it can take slightly longer to add all your alarms initially
– Widget not customizable


Timely Alarm Clock is free, without any advertisements, and is now the default alarm clock on my phone, simply because it is great at what it does with features that I never knew I needed. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a bit more with their Clock App. While there are close to no shortcomings, I believe it would be better if the developers added a few customization options to the widget, such as choosing to display the date, alarm, or using any one of the three Clock faces provided within the App.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4.7/5

Download Timely Alarm Clock for your Android device free from here.

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