Text Editing App Editorial Updated To Go Universal

EditorialThe well-loved App, Editorial for iPad, has been updated to Editorial 1.1 and goes universal. It will now work on the iPhone as well. The update was released yesterday, May 29th on iTunes. The added features make it very similar to a computer text editor than a tablet-based one. One of these added features include an in-App browser so you wouldn’t have to exit the App if you needed some last minute research while working on something. Another feature already available in the previous version of Editorial 1.1 is its drag and drop interface for the workflow. The new version includes bug fixes for this feature. Other cool features include, Task Paper for writing to-do lists, a new user interface optimized for iOS 7 and new Live Word Count option. These are just a few of the new features; you can check out the rest of the list in the product description on iTunes.

Editorial 1.1 for iPad now also boasts tools that would allow a writer to compose, edit and publish work directly from the iPad and even the iPhone if needed, tasks that used to need a computer to complete. One of these tools include customizable workflows with up to 50 configurable actions. Another is the extended external keyboard support for custom shortcuts to quickly access workflows. It even has a Smart Keyboard function for Writing Markdown and includes a wide variety of symbols that a writer might need. Editorial 1.1 also now has better integration and support with Markdown, Python scripting and Dropbox , Apps designed to help a writer. What this means to the mobile warrior is that she can work on the road, bringing only an iPad or even just an iPone instead of a bulkier laptop or notebook.

System requirements for Editorial 1.1 is iOS 7 or later, and now it is compatible with the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Editorial 1.1 can be purchased from the App Store for $6.99. What new features OMZ:Software will think of next remains to be seen, but they are helping the cause of miniaturization and mobile computing with the ideas that they have for their product.

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