Rush&Fantasy – A MMORPG Game With A Lot Of Features

rushnfantasyRush&Fantasy, developed by UBINURI, provides a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) experience in a small package. Rush&Fantasy gives a single player and multiplayer feel with or without the world.

Content and Features


At first, Rush&Fantasy will update the app. Then you will need to create a log in ID to fully enjoy the game. You can also select ‘guest’ to play Rush&Fantasy without an ID. Moreover, after you have logged in, Rush&Fantasy shows you your character. There are many characters to choose from which are unlocked as you level up. The character ratings are also displayed such as attach, defense and health. You can upgrade these from the shop using gold. Gold is acquired after completing levels or using diamonds. Diamonds are bought using real money. Diamonds also unlock characters early. The shop contains cards to upgrade your character including skill cards, stat cards and potion cards. To play a level, tap the bottom right corner and swipe to select a level. You need to complete a level before unlocking the next level. You can either play solo or play multiplayer (depends on your choice). The controls are fairly simple; left thumb to control movement and right thumb to attack. Also, the character will attack automatically with less powerful attacks. Lastly, to complete a level, all you have to do is defeat the boss; whose health is shown at the top and your health at the top left.

Design and Appearance


Rush&Fantasy has a decent appearance, fair graphics and the gameplay is smooth. However, we noticed some problems with the app. Firstly, turning the display off causes the update to stop. Furthermore, there is no tutorial to guide you through the app. The sign up is confusing and gameplay too crowded. You will most of the time have no idea of what you are doing. Moreover, we couldn’t find the option to log out. Lastly, the animations are out of sync during the gameplay.

Positive Features:

– Smooth Gameplay
– Decent Graphics, but can be better

Negative Features:

– Too confusing
– No Tutorial
– Crowded levels

The Verdict!

Overall, Rush&Fantasy has a good concept but is loaded with problems that, if solved, can make it a good MMORPG game. Rush&Fantasy is available on the App Store for free for both iPhone and iPad from here. An Android version is also available.

TheAppleGoogle Rating: 3/5

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