Publishing Platform Medium Goes Universal for iPad

MediumStory sharing website Medium’s iOS App was optimised only for iPod Touch and iPhone when it came out two months ago. The App has been updated, and Medium for iOs goes Universal for iPad and iPad Mini as well. The beauty of this update is that it is much more relaxing to read from the larger screen of the tablet than on the smaller screen of the iPhone or iPod. This is especially true if you are trying to read ebooks and not just short articles. The larger tablets save you the pain from strain to the eyes and to the hands in trying to read and manipulate the smaller devices.

Medium on iPad retains the features that users loved in the iPhone and iPod Touch versions. The App lets you sign in Using Twitter and is read only. You still won’t be able to publish content using your mobile device, you’d need a computer to go to their website for that. That doesn’t mean it is not a great App to read and relax to. According to a review by AppAdvice, Medium is great visually because the text is overlaid over background images which is animated to blur and bring the text to forefront, making it clearer to read when you scroll down. Even though you can’t upload a post you can still bookmark, recommend and share the stories through the App.

I share the fiction I write through Wattpad, but now that Medium is available on iPad I am tempted to create an account there as well. It is useful in that although you cannot upload content with your mobile device, at least you can follow your favorite writers, read, bookmark, recommend, and share on the go. Perhaps later updates may enable writers to directly upload content from the iPad. The Medium App can be downloaded free from the Apple App Store. It is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch, and now also with iPad and iPad Mini running iOs7 or later.

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