Play and Learn Classroom For iPad — A Classroom Full Of Fun

Play and Learn ClassroomPlay and Learn Classroom for iPad is a new educational App for children which, as the name suggests, simulates a classroom for children five years and under. Most educational Apps for kids focus on just one subject or ability, such as words, numbers, etc. But Play and Learn Classroom incorporates all these and more in just one App, helping your children to learn not just letters and numbers but also to be polite and considerate.

Content and Features

Play and Learn Classroom

Play and Learn Classroom consists of six sections, each providing a fun, exciting and interactive way of learning. ABC Words helps children to spell out different words. Children get to pick and drag the correct letters from a jumble of letters. Once they have spelt the word correctly a related image is displayed to help them better understand the word. Color Shapes, as the name suggests, helps kids to differentiate between different colors and shapes. 123 Fish is all about numbers. Not only does it help with a child’s ability to count, but also to visualise and learn different numbers. Please Give Me, in my opinion, is a fantastic category which makes Play and Learn Classroom quite unique. This section focuses on helping children learn to be polite by saying Please, saying Thank You, and starting a request with “May I.” Stack Up is another favourite where kids have to stack up blocks in a certain order. The fun part is the physics which ensures that those tiny fingers have to be gentle, otherwise the blocks go flying everywhere.

Play and Learn Classroom

Each section has ten levels of difficulty. At the end of each level there is a reward in the form of a sticker which are quite fun. Even while playing the level there is a lot of encouragement and sparkly animation which keep the children focused. The last section, Playroom, is where all the stickers that have been collected are displayed. There’s also a hardboard to which the photos from the ABC Words sections are pinned.

Play and Learn Classroom provides an additional ability of Parental Lock. This allows you to specify the number of levels available to your children in each section. This is a great concept to make sure that while your children learn, they don’t feel inadequate or get frustrated by trying out levels which are beyond their age group.

Design and Appearance

Play and Learn Classroom

Play and Learn Classroom understands that children need both visual and sound feedback to help them grasp new words and ideas. The UI is simple and neat with bright colours, just what children like. The animation is also quite good. However, in comparison with some other Apps, like Endless Alphabet, I do feel that a bit more can be done in terms of animation and sound. For instance, the photos in ABC words could be replaced with fun animations of a meowing cat, a revving car or a jet plane that flies across the screen. Children prefer movements to still images.

Play and Learn Classroom’s Positive Features

1. Incorporates more subjects in one App.
2. Lots of encouragement.
3. Rewards in forms of stickers.
4. Teaching children to be polite.
5. Parental lock.

Play and Learn Classroom’s Negative Features

1. Not enough animation.
2. App crashes when all the stickers are moved to trash.

The Verdict

At $4.99 Play and Learn Classroom may not be cheap, but it’s definitely worth the money considering the number of very expensive children’s Apps out there. Also, if you’re looking to spend money on just one App to help your children learn words, shapes, number, colours, etc. then Play and Learn Classroom is the App to get. You can download Play and Learn Classroom for iPad from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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