Pixel Garden For iOS — A Great New Puzzler To Help You Relax

Pixel GardenPixel Garden by Oooweeooo Inc. is a brand new puzzle game to help you relax at the end of a long day. Despite the popularity of strategy and role-playing games, puzzlers have a special place in people’s smartphones. Not only do they test your brain power, but they also help you to wind down like no other game. Pixel Garden takes this a step further with pretty, coloured graphics which soothe your eyes and mind.

Content and Features

Pixel Garden, as the name indicates, is about creating a garden of 2×2 pixels. You are presented with a grid where you need to plant flowers to create a garden. The flowers come in different colours and shapes and a garden is achieved by placing either flowers of the same shape or same colours next to each other in a 2×2 square. In the beginning there are only a few colours and shapes, but as the level increases flowers of more colours and shapes start appearing, making the game quite difficult. To help you progress you get the choice of a compost and a bomb. Whenever you’re unable to plant a flower you can consign it to the compost which has a limit of up to three flowers. The bomb allows you to destroy a flower you have already planted to free its square. Although bombs are useful, they take a while to enable.

You receive points by making gardens and by clearing entire lines, horizontally or vertically. Ultimately, getting the highest score you can is the goal of the game. Creating gardens and clearing lines not only help you score, but also create spaces for new flowers. At the start, it’s a bit hard to figure out what’s happening because the instructions aren’t very clear. But as you continue to play you very soon understand the rules and objectives.

Design and Appearance

Pixel Garden

Pixel Garden, unsurprisingly, has quite a creative pixilated design. The music and the colours of the flowers are very nice and calming. The UI is clean and simple, without any scrolling advertisements which definitely enhances the experience. Squares where a new flowers can be planted are subtly highlighted without being too intrusive.

Pixel Garden’s Positives:

1. Great game play.
2. Good levels of difficulty.
3. Relaxing.
4. Nice UI.

Pixel Garden’s Negatives:

1. Not clear instructions, so difficult to understand what’s going on at the beginning.
2. No achievements.

The Verdict

Pixel Garden is a great game which really challenges your brain. It’s addictive and would make a great companion for rainy evenings and long commutes to work. You can download Pixel Garden free from here.

TheAppleGoogle Rating — 4/5

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