originallogoPerhaps the rainbow colored Apple logo has faded from memory after it was replaced seventeen years ago with the current monochromatic version in use until the present. The two, rainbow colored original Apple logo boards set to be auctioned off on June 4th originally adorned the Apple headquarters in Cupertino California. The signs were taken down back in 1997 when it was replaced with the current version.

One of the two original Apple logo boards set to be auctioned off is made of stiff foam measuring roughly four feet by four feet while the other board is smaller at three by three feet and is made of fiberglass with steel backing. Both items are a bit faded and the paint cracked in places from being exposed the whole 22 years they were in use. Those traits endear them to the serious collectors of Apple memorabilia though.

And speaking of serious collectors, be ready to burn serious cash if you are planning to purchase one. According Bonham, the auction house that would handle the auction on June 4, bidding price for both items would begin at $10,000. Any serious collector would not mind to bid high though because any Apple memorabilia is highly collectible, and this one in particular has a lot of history attached to them and their value would most likely increase as time goes by.

Aside from being used by the Cupertino Headquarters since its inception in 1976 to 1997 when it was taken down and replaced, the logos have additional value because they have a Steve Jobs story to tell. According to anecdotes, the late CEO Steve Jobs had a bite mark added (or would that be “bitten” off?) to the Apple silhouette “so no one would confuse it with a tomato” and he chose the rainbow colors to “humanize” the company.

Purchasing one or both of the original Apple logo boards set to be auctioned off in June would definitely not be a waste of money but a sound investment that is aside from the fact surely it would be cool to own a piece of Apple history. At present the logos belong to a long time Apple employee who received them shortly after they were taken down and replaced.