Notegraphy For Android — Writing Personified

NotegraphyMany of us enjoy writing, be it news articles for a website, or short stories or jokes on Tumblr. Notegraphy, a free Android App, takes that specific type of writing a step further, allowing you to express yourself with even more creativity and share your experiences with others.

Content And Features

In a nutshell, Notegraphy is an App that allows you to create customized pieces of writing, all wrapped up in an Instagram/Twitter-esque package.

Once you sign up via Email, Facebook, or Twitter, you are given access to work from people around the world. Be it for inspiration, for cheering up, or even for a laugh, Notegraphy has you covered. After setting up your profile, you can create little ‘Notes’, which you can then customize with 30 intricate and unique layouts for the text, allowing you to create small images with your notes on them. However, it would be much better had there been more options to mix and match different styles, layouts, and fonts.

You can then simply download the Notes as images to your device, using them however you like, share them on Facebook or Twitter, or share them with thousands of other Notegraphers.

Using a slide out menu in the left, you can choose between the ‘My Gallery’ page, where you can view your own artwork, and choose to ‘feature’ the worthy among it, a Newsfeed where the content of the people you follow is displayed, and an explore menu to discover new content categorized chronologically, by liking, or by popularity.

You can also ‘Thank’ the owner of a Note, and also specify whether you thanked him for it being Inspiring, Funny, and so on.

One important feature that this App lacks though, is a widget. I think it would be in the best of interests of both, the developers and consumers, had widgets been added, perhaps one to add a new note, or one that displayed notes from your Newsfeed.

Design And Appearance


Personally, I am a sucker for minimalistic, flat, clean and simple Applications, and Notegraphy is my cup of tea. It features a slick Holo look, on par with Android design guidelines. The features are self explanatory and very well organized, making navigating and using the App a breeze.

As mentioned earlier, all the main menus are available by simple swipe from the left hand side, where you can also access the Application settings.

In terms of appearance, the App is top notch.

The Good

– Very Interesting, new and useful concept
– Has social capabilities
– Gorgeous Interface
– 30 unique styles to choose from
– Simple, and easy to use
– It is completely Free of charge

The Not so Good

– Notes could be more customizable, with custom fonts, mixing different styles and layouts etc.
– Complete lack of any widgets whatsoever.


Notegraphy is an amazing and a very capable Application to record significant and inspirational notes, quotes, short events or stories in a way that will personify and add more meaning to them. While there are tons of styles to choose from, the developers could add options to choose our own fonts, and mix them with different styles, as well as create our own. And, as aforementioned, a set of home screen widgets could completely change how much you engage with the App.

The AppleGoogle Rating — 4.3/5

Download it for your Android device free from here.

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